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  • Gulumerrdjin Madawa

    Larrakia Animals

    An introduction to Larrakia language, the language of the Gulumerrdjin (Larrakia) people of the Darwin and Cox Peninsula regions (NT), through a selection of animal-related words and original illustrations provided by Gulumerrdjin artist Jason Lee. Suitable for early learners and those interested in Larrakia language.

  • An updated colourful Kriol sound chart with words and pictures to illustrate each sound. The poster has been developed with the Meigim Kriol Strongbala program in the Ngukurr community.  For more details visit:  https://meigimkriolstrongbala.org.au/en_au/resource/kriol-elfabet-poster/ 
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  • Cross-cultural guide to some animals and plants of South East Arnhem Land.

    The ‘Cross-cultural guide to some animals and plants of South East Arnhem Land’, book was made through a five-year collaboration with over 46 people including south east Arnhem Land knowledge holders, the Yugul Mangi Rangers, Ngukurr Yangbala (Youth) Project, Ngukurr Language Centre and staff from Macquarie University.

  • Dhawun Ngamingami-lda-nha

    Looking After Country

    Dhawun Ngamingami-lda-nha (Looking After Country) is a children's book in Gamilaraay and English which addresses the environmental impact of feral animals in Australia. The book is the work of first-time published author Merinda Walters, a Gamilaraay artist and educator who developed the concept as part of her environmental science degree. Darby is Merinda's young Gamilaraay guide who informs the reader about the threat of cane toads, feral pigs, feral cats, yellow crazy ants and many other dhii gagil (bad animals), and what to do if you come across them.

  • Buwaray Raykurayku Gälpu Dhäruk

    Gälpu Word Book

    Also known as the Gälpu Word Book, this Shepherdson College, Literature Production Centre publication represents almost three decades in the making, instigated largely through the pioneering work of the book's primary author, the late Ganyinurru Gurruwiwi (1952-2002). Since her passing the book's progress was overseen by members of Ganyinurru's family working alongside staff from Shepherdson College (Galiwin'ku / Elcho Island) and linguist Dr Melanie Wilkinson.

  • Bornorron Warrag

    Brolga and Catfish

    Bornorron Warrag is a Wardaman story as told by Sally Wiynmarr of how the catfish (warrag) got the mark on its head in an encounter with the brolga (bornorron). It is a story relating to a particular area of Wardaman country on the Flora River which is the country of Sally's father, the late Joe Jomornji. The Flora River (about 120km southwest of Katherine) is famous for its emerald-coloured waters which are fed by many springs which come up through limestone rock which is what gives the river its rich colour.