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  • Gulumerrdjin Madawa

    Larrakia Animals

    An introduction to Larrakia language, the language of the Gulumerrdjin (Larrakia) people of the Darwin and Cox Peninsula regions (NT), through a selection of animal-related words and original illustrations provided by Gulumerrdjin artist Jason Lee. Suitable for early learners and those interested in Larrakia language.

  • An updated colourful Kriol sound chart with words and pictures to illustrate each sound. The poster has been developed with the Meigim Kriol Strongbala program in the Ngukurr community.  For more details visit:  https://meigimkriolstrongbala.org.au/en_au/resource/kriol-elfabet-poster/ 
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  • Cross-cultural guide to some animals and plants of South East Arnhem Land.

    The ‘Cross-cultural guide to some animals and plants of South East Arnhem Land’, book was made through a five-year collaboration with over 46 people including south east Arnhem Land knowledge holders, the Yugul Mangi Rangers, Ngukurr Yangbala (Youth) Project, Ngukurr Language Centre and staff from Macquarie University.