DVD Videos

Yurntumu-Wardingki Juju-Ngaliya-Kurlangu Yawulyu: Warlpiri Women's Songs from Yuendumu

Yawulyu have been passed down through many generations of Warlpiri women. In this book, the juju-ngaliya ‘ritual experts’ from Yuendumu, present four yawulyu song series which follow the journeys of a number of ancestral beings across Warlpiri country. Chapter 1 presents the Minamina yawulyu songs and associated story of a group of ancestral women as they emerge from this site in the far west of Warlpiri country and begin their journey eastwards.

Ingkerr Anyentantey

Everything is one

This DVD is a 15 minute documentary covering the exhibition 'The language of Batik' in the small community of Utopia, north east of Alice Springs. It shows the connection between the country, plants, their medicinal uses and how it is translated into Batik art. This DVD is the product of a collaboration between students studying language and arts courses at Batchelor Institute in 2010.

Utopia Claymation

A colourful clay animation made through a collaboration of Batchelor Institute students with Arlparra Secondary School in 2009. This DVD is in the Anmatyerr language.

Intem-antey Anem

These things will always be

A DVD of films that represent life at Utopia. The films document a language, art and bush medicine project that commenced in 2008.

Utopia is located on the traditional lands of the Alyawarr and Anmatyerr peoples, approximately 300km northeast of Alice Springs. Utopia comprises 16 or so small communities dotted throughout the Sandover region.

Some of the bush medicines in the films are:
ilpengk - a liniment,
arnwekety - a spiny plant used to treat warts,
lywemp-lywemp - a bush cosmetic

Designing a Childcare Centre

Two women from Galiwin’ku community visit four childcare centres in the Darwin region, to see different designs and spaces used by children and staff. The narration is in Djambarrpuyngu with an English translation. This item is also available in limited quantities of VHS (video) format, for the same price. Please specify in the comments field of your order if you require VHS.

Growing Up With Culture Strong

This video describes different types of childcare centres, playgroups, health and nutrition programs as well as school programs on 15 communities in the Northern Territory.

Toy Making

Using local materials, women from Galiwin’ku and neighbouring communities share their toy-making skills.

Blow Not Wipe

Children demonstrate a nose-blowing song as part of Ali Curung Healthy Ears project.

Hearing is for Life

This video demonstrates how to look after children’s ears and hearing, to prevent otitis media. This title is currently only available in VHS format, not DVD.