Mirnang Waangkaniny

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Mirnang Waangkaniny tells of five important dreaming stories for the Albany region. The book helps us to learn about Mirnang country, its ancestors and the creation of Albany’s beautiful and unique landscape. This beautifully illustrated book is written in Noongar and English so that the whole community can learn and appreciate the importance of Noongar culture. The author has included images of significant sites so that when you visit these sites you will know a little of their ancestral history. An audio CD of the author telling you their Dreamings in their mother tongue accompany each book. The author has taken care in the telling of these stories so that their children and all future generations of the Mirnang clan will be able to know the knowledge of their ancestors. See also: Ngalang Wongi Ngalang Boodja


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Lynette Knapp


Karl Brand

Project Manager: 

Maree Klesch
Denise Smith-Ali


Maree Klesch
Karen Manton


Lois Spehn-Jackson


Maree Klesch

Graphic Designer: 

LeeAnne Mahaffey

Original artists

Audio Artist: 

Lynette Knapp
Charmaine Bennell

Audio Recording: 

Maree Klesch
Denise Smith-Ali

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Full Colour

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Saddle Stapled
Dimensions: 250 mm × 250 mm × 5 mm
Weight: 210 g

Date Published: 

Thursday, September 8, 2011