Literacy & Numeracy

This is Me

My Body Book

This book shows names for parts of the body. Originally published in Luritja and English, it may be produced in any language.

Naatj Boola?

How Many?

A brightly coloured, early childhood level book illustrating numbers 1-10, with illustrations by students at Djidi Djidi school in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Mirnang Waangkaniny

Mirnang Waangkaniny tells of five important dreaming stories for the Albany region. The book helps us to learn about Mirnang country, its ancestors and the creation of Albany’s beautiful and unique landscape. This beautifully illustrated book is written in Noongar and English so that the whole community can learn and appreciate the importance of Noongar culture.

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Sound chart poster

A colourful sound chart with words and pictures to illustrate each sound.

This poster is available in 4 Indigenous languages, with 13 more currently in development. Each poster is unique, with its own alphabet, images and sounds.

We can translate this poster into your language for an AU$85 fee.
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This poster is available in a range of Indigenous languages