Health Education

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  • Hearing is for Life

    This video demonstrates how to look after children’s ears and hearing, to prevent otitis media. This title is currently only available in VHS format, not DVD.

  • Blow Not Wipe

    Children demonstrate a nose-blowing song as part of Ali Curung Healthy Ears project.

  • Growing Up With Culture Strong

    This video describes different types of childcare centres, playgroups, health and nutrition programs as well as school programs on 15 communities in the Northern Territory.

  • Kukumbat gudwan daga

    ‘Really cooking good food’

    A healthy cookbook with recipes that feed 10 or more people. Brought to you by the women’s centres of Manyallaluk, Gulin Gulin and Wugularr in conjunction with The Fred Hollows Foundation. The cookbook provides step by step photographs and tools to assist with ordering food to create meals for up to 100 people. Kukumbat gudwan daga - Really cooking good food was launched recently in the Northern Territory. The launch day featured a cook off between neighboring Jawoyn communities using recipes from the cookbook and relying only on wood fuelled woks.

  • Mibala Wei

    Art and craft our way

    A step by step guide to art and craft including equipment lists, materials, recipes for mixing dyes and many handy hints. Brought to you by the Gulin Gulin Women’s Centre and Jayne Nankivell, in conjunction with The Fred Hollows Foundation. The women at the Gulin Gulin women’s centre have been working with Jayne Nankivell, an art consultant, who has been supporting art centres in the Katherine region for many years.

  • Nginipunh Nhinhi

    Your Body. A Murrinhpatha health dictionary.

    This community friendly health dictionary covers body parts, face parts, internal organs, hand and foot features, the skeleton and muscles.


  • Body Parts Poster

    This poster is available in 45 languages and shows words for common body parts at a primary school level. These posters are also available as a blank poster or in English. The following languages are also available in an early childhood level: Alawa, Alyawarr, Anindilyakwa, Bilinarra, Central Anmatyerr, Dalabon, Djamba/Gupa, Eastern Arrernte, Gamilaraay, Gurindji, Kaytetye, Mangarrayi, Mudburra, Murrinh patha, Ngandi (Numbulwar), Ngangikurungurr, Rembarrnga, Ritharrngu, Western Arrarnta and Wubuy.  If you would like this poster translated into your langauge please email or phone 08 8939 7352.
    This product is available in multiple languages.
    Select a size and add laminating to your poster
    This poster is available for different age groups
  • Nginipunh Nhinhi - Your Body


  • Nanhthi Pelpith - Your Head


  • Nanhthi Nginipunh Kardu - Your Internal Organs


  • Nanhthi Murnu - Your Bones


  • Nanhthi Mange I Me Nhinhi - Your Hand & Foot