Yurntumu-Wardingki Juju-Ngaliya-Kurlangu Yawulyu: Warlpiri Women's Songs from Yuendumu

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Yawulyu have been passed down through many generations of Warlpiri women. In this book, the juju-ngaliya ‘ritual experts’ from Yuendumu, present four yawulyu song series which follow the journeys of a number of ancestral beings across Warlpiri country. Chapter 1 presents the Minamina yawulyu songs and associated story of a group of ancestral women as they emerge from this site in the far west of Warlpiri country and begin their journey eastwards. Chapter 2 details the Watiyawarnu yawulyu and the the story of an ancestor from Ngurlu-lirri-nyinanya, to the north-west of Yuendumu, who travels southwards towards Mt Liebig, in search of acacia seeds. Chapter 3 recounts the famous songs and story of the two Jangalas from Warlukurlangu whose evil blue-tongue lizard father lights a raging bush fire, forcing them to run away southwards away from their country before they return back home, weak and exhausted. And finally, chapter 4 presents the songs and stories of the Ngapa ‘Rain’ Dreaming that travels westwards across the country to the north of Yuendumu. The book provides rhythms, sung words, translations and accompanying stories of sixty-three songs, alongside audio-links and photographs of women in performance. The accompanying DVD contains footage of women from Yuendumu painting their bodies with red and white ochres and performing the four yawulyu song series and their associated dances. The juju-ngaliya of Yuendumu intend this book to be a new way to pass on these yawulyu to future generations of Warlpiri women.  

An accompanying CD set containing these songs is also available through http://batchelorpress.com/node/353. Photos and additional information about this project can be accessed at the CALL website at https://call.batchelor.edu.au/project/yuendumu-wardingki/



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