Karda wer Noorn

The Goanna and the Snake
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Karda wer Noorn is a bilingual book in Noongar Bardalong and English about how the snake got his beautiful colours. This book is a story told to Charmaine Bennell and her mother Phyllis by the late Glen Bennell to whom the book is lovingly dedicated. This title is available as a Book and Audio CD, a Resource CD, a Talking Book DVD and as a complete set.


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Charmaine Bennell
Phyllis Bennell


Charmaine Bennell

Project Manager: 

Maree Klesch
Denise Smith-Ali

Desktop Publisher: 

Lon Garrick
Leeanne Mahaffey


Lois Spehn-Jackson

Original artists

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Audio Recording: 

Charmaine Bennell

Colour Format: 

Full Colour

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Saddle Stapled
Dimensions: 175 mm × 250 mm × 3 mm
Weight: 111 g
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Date Published: 

Thursday, May 14, 2009