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Malh Tjaraku, Batjamalhdjene nganang wadjiginybutung

Batjamalh stories of the Wadjiginy people

Agnes Alunga Lippo tells three traditional stories ‘Wallaby and dolphin’, ‘Long-necked monster’ and ‘Dogs’ in the Batjamalh language of the Wadjiginy people.

Anengkerr angkety

Dreaming stories

A collection of Anengkerr or Dreaming stories told in the Anmatyerr language by Jack Cook Ngal, with artwork by 10 Anmatyerr language students. An English translation is provided. The stories cover a range of themes from growing up and facing monsters, to the dire consequences for all in stories of betrayal, violence and revenge.


A brightly coloured, early childhood level book illustrating numbers 1-10, with illustrations by Patsy Mudgedell