Bindi-Bindi Koondarminy wer Maamoong Waangka

Butterfly Dreaming and Whale Story
Price: $15.00

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This beautifully illustrated book tells two important stories about spirit children and how they are tied to the unique Noongar totemic system. The stories help us to understand how Noongar land, plants and animals are interwoven; caring for each other and looking after Noongar spirituality, the matrilineal totemic system and the responsibilities of Noongar culture.


Print Format

Page Count: 


Original Illustrators: 

Karl Brand

Original artists

Original Artists: 

Kristi Chua

Colour Format: 

Full Colour

Binding Type: 

Saddle Stapled
Dimensions: 240 mm × 210 mm × 4 mm
Weight: 107 g

Date Published: 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013