Ngalak Waakarl Ngardanginy

We're going on a Rainbow Serpent Hunt
Price: $12.00

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A young boy takes us on an adventure through Noongar country in search of the great Rainbow Serpent. The text invites young readers to join in the adventure as the boy makes his way through tall grass, thick forest, deep rivers and windy country until he reaches the dark, dark cave of the Waakarl. 
The story is structured to encourage learning Noongar sentence structure through repetition. At the end of the book there is a word by word Noongar to English translation, key word list and pronunciation guide to support teachers and learners. Accompanying the book is an audio CD by Charmaine Bennell reading the adventure in Noongar Balardong. 


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Charmaine Bennell


Charmaine Bennell

Project Manager: 

Maree Klesch

Desktop Publisher: 

Jacinda Brown


Maree Klesch

Original Illustrators: 

Charmaine Bennell


Charmaine Bennell
Maree Klesch

Graphic Designer: 

Jacinda Brown

Original artists

Audio Artist: 

Charmaine Bennell

Original Artists: 

Charmaine Bennell

Audio Recording: 

Charmaine Bennell

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Full Colour

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Saddle Stapled
Dimensions: 220 mm × 3 mm × 175 mm
Weight: 58 g
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013