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Kukumbat gudwan daga

‘Really cooking good food’

A healthy cookbook with recipes that feed 10 or more people. Brought to you by the women’s centres of Manyallaluk, Gulin Gulin and Wugularr in conjunction with The Fred Hollows Foundation. The cookbook provides step by step photographs and tools to assist with ordering food to create meals for up to 100 people.

Ngoonjook Edition 34

A journal of Australian Indigenous Issues

Ngoonjook seeks to make relevant material available to an Indigenous readership and to all those interested in Indigenous Australian issues. Themes explored include: education, health, cultural identity, natural and cultural resource management, the arts and linguistics.

Articles in this issue:

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The Creche Kit book

Working together for our kids

Batchelor Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming distribution of the ‘The Creche Kit: working together for our kids’.

Marri Ngarr & Magati Ke plants and animals

Aboriginal knowledge of flora and fauna from the Moyle River and Neninh areas, north Australia

Marri Ngarr & Magati Ke plants and animals is the largest ethnobiology ever published in the Northern Territory. It is the result of extensive work by over 40 people and contains the Marri Ngarr and Magati Ke traditional names and ecological knowledge for over 660 plants and animals. It also includes the scientific names, English common names and the Murrinhpatha names.

Utopia Claymation

A colourful clay animation made through a collaboration of Batchelor Institute students with Arlparra Secondary School in 2009. This DVD is in the Anmatyerr language.

Tiddalik the Frog

The Flood-maker

An animation created by students studying the Bachelor of Arts (Languages and Linguistics) at Batchelor Institute in 2009. The animation tells the dreamtime story about a thirsty frog who drank all the rivers and lakes dry, and how all of the animals banded together to get the water back.

Intem-antey Anem

These things will always be

A DVD of films that represent life at Utopia. The films document a language, art and bush medicine project that commenced in 2008.

Utopia is located on the traditional lands of the Alyawarr and Anmatyerr peoples, approximately 300km northeast of Alice Springs. Utopia comprises 16 or so small communities dotted throughout the Sandover region.

Sound chart poster

A colourful sound chart with words and pictures to illustrate each sound.

This poster is available in 4 Indigenous languages, with 13 more currently in development. Each poster is unique, with its own alphabet, images and sounds.

We can translate this poster into your language for an AU$85 fee.
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This poster is available in a range of Indigenous languages

Djerap Readers

Bird Readers

A set of 4 readers for early childhood in Noongar language with an accompanying audio CD. The readers come in varying levels of difficulty and have a bird theme. Each reader has 24 pages.

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