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Muli kanybubi tjitjuk kawuny na yagatiya

The two mermaids’ dreaming place

Two mermaids travel from their dreaming site at Altjama, across the Moyle River flood plains to Yederr and back to Altjama. This bilingual book in Marri Ngarr and English has an accompanying audio CD in Marri Ngarr. A talking book is also available.

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Malh Tjaraku, Batjamalhdjene nganang wadjiginybutung

Batjamalh stories of the Wadjiginy people

Agnes Alunga Lippo tells three traditional stories ‘Wallaby and dolphin’, ‘Long-necked monster’ and ‘Dogs’ in the Batjamalh language of the Wadjiginy people.

Anengkerr angkety

Dreaming stories

A collection of Anengkerr or Dreaming stories told in the Anmatyerr language by Jack Cook Ngal, with artwork by 10 Anmatyerr language students. An English translation is provided. The stories cover a range of themes from growing up and facing monsters, to the dire consequences for all in stories of betrayal, violence and revenge.