Early Childhood Education

Body Parts Poster

This poster is available in 45 languages and shows words for common body parts at a primary school level. These posters are also available as a blank poster or in English. The following languages are also available in an early childhood level: Alawa, Alyawarr, Anindilyakwa, Bilinarra, Central Anmatyerr, Dalabon, Djamba/Gupa, Eastern Arrernte, Gurindji, Kaytetye, Mangarrayi, Mudburra, Murrinh patha, Ngandi (Numbulwar), Ngangikurungurr, Rembarrnga, Ritharrngu, Western Arrarnta and Wubuy.

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Long, long time ago

Noongar elders think about the past and the impact of colonisation. An A3 version in Noongar Balardong only and a resource CD for teachers available. A talking book DVD is also available. N.B. the book has no English translation.


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