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Moodjar Yok + Djinda Widariny

The Christmas Tree Woman + Star Dancer

Moodjar Yok (Christmas Tree Woman) & Djinda Midariny (Dancing Star) are bilingual stories in Noongar Wadjak and English. These stories tell of Noongar caring for each other and their families. This title is available as a Book and Audio CD, a Resource CD, a Talking Book DVD and as a complete set.


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Designing a Childcare Centre

Two women from Galiwin’ku community visit four childcare centres in the Darwin region, to see different designs and spaces used by children and staff. The narration is in Djambarrpuyngu with an English translation. This item is also available in limited quantities of VHS (video) format, for the same price. Please specify in the comments field of your order if you require VHS.

Growing Up With Culture Strong

This video describes different types of childcare centres, playgroups, health and nutrition programs as well as school programs on 15 communities in the Northern Territory.

Toy Making

Using local materials, women from Galiwin’ku and neighbouring communities share their toy-making skills.

Blow Not Wipe

Children demonstrate a nose-blowing song as part of Ali Curung Healthy Ears project.

Hearing is for Life

This video demonstrates how to look after children’s ears and hearing, to prevent otitis media. This title is currently only available in VHS format, not DVD.

Aboriginal Site Specific Maths Project

This package of site specific problem-solving activities for children is based on social and environmental contexts in five Indigenous communities.

The package consists of:

This product is available in multiple languages.

Little Bit by Little Bit... That's the Way we Learn

Teaching & Learning Resource for Adult Indigenous Students

This series includes 4 books (6 units in each), a DVD and an audio CD. It supports delivery of Certificates I and II in Spoken and Written English. There are four topics, introduction to study and CSWE, communication technologies, sports and cultural festivals and travel. 

Ku Kukpi

The black-headed python

Ku Kukpi - The black-headed python tells the story of a young python who travels around the country playing with his boomerang.

As he travels through the country he gives many places their names. The young python eventually transforms at his final resting place da Itchitka.


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The Rainbow Serpent and how he brings rain

Waakarl is the story of the Rainbow Serpent and how he brings rain to the people of Perth in the Swan River area. The book is a bilingual title in Noongar & English. There is an accompanying Noongar audio CD, Book and audio CD not sold separately. The story is also available as a Talking Book in DVD format.

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