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Gurindji Bird Poster

The Gurindji bird poster provides information in Gurindji and English about local birds which signal information, birds that can be dangerous, and birds which have favourite foods. It was produced by Felicity Meakins with the Murnkurrumurnkurru ranger group at Kalkaringi as a part of the Central Land Council (CLC) ranger program.


Getting Started with Noongar

A great poster to help you start talking in Noongar. You can practice saying hello and goodbye, ask questions, give instructions such as 'Come here' or 'Go away' and there are some sentence started to help you with Noongar conversations. The poster is available in a range of sizes, why not get one for every room in your house, school or community centre and start speaking Noongar today.

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A bright poster clearly illustrating common opposites for children.

If you would like this poster in your language email or phone 08 8939 7352.

This product is available in multiple languages.
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Sound chart poster

A colourful sound chart with words and pictures to illustrate each sound.

This poster is available in 4 Indigenous languages, with 13 more currently in development. Each poster is unique, with its own alphabet, images and sounds.

We can translate this poster into your language for an AU$85 fee.
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This poster is available in a range of Indigenous languages