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  • Nyoongar Dictionary

    Nyoongar Dictionary by the Rt. Rev. Bernard Rooney OSB, Emeritus Abbot of New Norcia. The book includes a comprehensive dictionary of the Nyoongar language focusing on what is now known as the northern dialect.

  • Naatj ngordo ngany kadak?

    How do I feel?

    A brightly coloured children's book illustrating various feelings and the words used to describe them. This book can be translated into any language for a one-off fee of $80.

    This product is available in multiple languages.
  • Yaringkoorl

    What's this?

    A colourful early childhood book illustrating common opposites and the words used to describe them. This book can be translated into any language for a fee of $80. See also: Yaringkoorl (poster)

    This product is available in multiple languages.
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  • Awu Ngawak i Awu Djimbetj Yagatiya

    Mosquito Dreaming

    Mosquito Dreaming tells the story of the events that lead to the mosquito creation sites. It is a bilingual book beautifully illustrated showing the country of the Marri Ngarr Rak Dirrangara people and how the mosquito men came to transform and make their Dreaming sites.

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  • Naatj Boola?

    How Many?

    A brightly coloured, early childhood level book illustrating numbers 1-10, with illustrations by students at Djidi Djidi school in Bunbury, Western Australia.

  • Kala


    A bright book illustrating eleven colours with illustrations by students at Djidi Djidi school in Bunbury, Western Australia.


  • You're in New Country

    Advice for Non-Indigenous Early Childhood Mentors, Trainers & Teachers

    Indigenous early childhood educators share stories of their personal work experiences along with their formal and informal learning, highlighting the ways non-Indigenous people have supported and enabled them to succeed in the workplace and in their learning, while reflecting on some of the equally important things that non-Indigenous people struggle with when they begin to work in remote commu

  • Kaawar

    Kaawar Jack Williams and Averil Dean Noongar Wilman Kaawar is the story of how the red-capped parrots were scared by the waalitj (eagle) and as they scattered they scraped their legs across a hill in the Stirling Ranges in WA. The marks left by the Kaawar can still be seen, along with the pathways they created through the hills.


  • Moort

    Noongar Family Readers

    Noongar Family Readers. This is a series of six books with accompanying audio CD about family relationships. Each book takes the children on an adventure with a different family member. We see dolphins with Mum at the beach, and go fishing with Dad at the river. We get oysters and prawns with Aunty, and Uncle takes us on the train to the football.

  • 2013 Planner Diary

    The Batchelor Press 2013 Planner Diary displays one month to a page, allowing you to see what you have planned for yourself, when public holidays will give you a welcome break, and even help you plan gardening and fishing trips with the moon cycle included for the year. 

  • Bilinarra to English Dictionary

    Bilinarra is a language spoken in the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory, Australia. This Bilinarra to English Dictionary contains over 2000 Bilinarra words with their English translations, as well as illustrations and detailed encyclopedic information about plants, animals, Dreaming stories and cultural practices.


  • Ngalak Waakarl Ngardanginy

    We're going on a Rainbow Serpent Hunt
    A young boy takes us on an adventure through Noongar country in search of the great Rainbow Serpent. The text invites young readers to join in the adventure as the boy makes his way through tall grass, thick forest, deep rivers and windy country until he reaches the dark, dark cave of the Waakarl. 


  • Bindi-Bindi Koondarminy wer Maamoong Waangka

    Butterfly Dreaming and Whale Story

    This beautifully illustrated book tells two important stories about spirit children and how they are tied to the unique Noongar totemic system. The stories help us to understand how Noongar land, plants and animals are interwoven; caring for each other and looking after Noongar spirituality, the matrilineal totemic system and the responsibilities of Noongar culture.

  • Mardang Waakarl-ak

    The journey of the Rainbow Serpent.
    This book contains six Wadjak stories composed by Theresa Walley and illustrated by herself, her daughter Cheryl Martin and granddaughter Biara Martin.