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  • Burnarri Anja

    The Worrorra bird poster gives the names of birds living in Worrorra country, their common English names and scientific name. The poster was made as part of the Mowanjum Endangered Language Project. To find out about Worrorra Ngarinyin and Wunambal Gaambara birds, their moieties and cultural importance go to Jirigi Jinda Aredangarri, Burnarri Anja, Diigu Aagala: Jirigi Jinda Ardangarri, Burnarri Anja, Diigu Aagala - Birds


  • Getting Started with Ngarinyin

    A great poster to help you start talking Ngarinyin. You can practice saying hello and goodbye, ask questions, give instructions such as 'Come here' or 'Go away' and there are some sentence starters to help you with Ngarinyin conversations. The poster is available in a range of sizes, why not get one for every room in your house, school or community centre and start speaking Ngarinyin today.

    Select a size and add laminating to your poster


  • Gurindji Bush Medicine Poster

    The Gurindji bush medicine poster provides cultural information in Gurindji and English about local plants used for treating different illnesses. It was produced at Kalkaringi by the Murnkurrumurnkurru Ranger group with Felicity Meakins and Karungkarni Arts as a part of the Central Land Council (CLC) ranger program.