Ngoonjook Edition 05

A journal of Australian Indigenous Issues
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Ngoonjook seeks to make relevant material available to an Indigenous readership and to all those interested in Indigenous Australian issues. Themes explored include: education, health, cultural identity, natural and cultural resource management, the arts and linguistics.

Articles in this issue:

  • Language Station at Bulma by Nancy Murray
  • Adult Education on Whitefella Side and Yanangu Side by Lindsay Corby
  • Aboriginal People and Self Determination, Mallee Park Football Club's Rise and Fall by Warren Clements
  • Two Way Education at Alekarenge by Emily Rankine and Graham Ramsey
  • How Can Balanda (White Australians) Learn About the Aboriginal World? by Raymattja Marika-Mununggiritj
  • Hidden Curriculum by Rose Guywanga
  • Remembered Curriculum by Edwin Rami
  • Juvenile Crime and Petrol Sniffing on Groote Eylandt by Stephanie Blitner
  • Rules and Advice for Non-Aborginal People Entering Aboriginal Land by Terry Sams
  • A Case Study of the Career of an Aboriginal Teaching Assistant by Theresa-Marie Puruntatameri
  • Self Determination at Yalata by Anonymous
  • Mamu People Lost Forever (Maybe) by Graham Ramsey
  • "Towards Better Management" - A Review by David Kirkby


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Nancy Murray
Lindsay Corby
Warren Clements
Emily Rankine
Graham Ramsey
Raymattja Marika-Mununggiritj
Rose Guywanga
Edwin Rami
Stephanie Blitner
Terry Sams
Theresa-Marie Puruntatameri
Graham Ramsey
David Kirkby

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Cathryn McConaghy


Cathryn McConaghy
David Morgan
David Kirkby
Ailsa Purdon
Ron Stanton
David McClay
Denise Walsh
Prith Chakravarti

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David Morgan

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Colour Cover, Black & White Pages

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Saddle Stapled
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Thursday, July 18, 1991