Ngoonjook Edition 31

A journal of Australian Indigenous Issues
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Ngoonjook seeks to make relevant material available to an Indigenous readership and to all those interested in Indigenous Australian issues. Themes explored include: education, health, cultural identity, natural and cultural resource management, the arts and linguistics.Articles in this issue:

  • ‘Say Yes’ - but what did we vote for? 40 years on from the referendum - some reflections 40th anniversary of the 1967 referendum: Garma interviews
    • Interview with Nova Peris by Sherlyne Ngalmi
    • Interview with Kyle Vander-Kuyp by Lyndell MacDonald
    • Interview with John Christophersen by Sherlyne Ngalmi
    • Interview with Michelle Dowden by Ada Lechleitner
    • Interview with John Greatorex by Loretta Johnson
    • Interview with George Negus by Loretta Johnson
    • Interview with Cyril Oliver by Helena Wauchope
    • Interview with Wayne Nean by Melodie Bat
    • Interview with Speedy McGinness by Leeanne Mahaffey
  • From behind the white picket fence: a view of the 1967 referendum and beyond by Ailsa Purdon
  • Wangka Maya—Commemorating the 1967 referendum—40 years of citizenship
  • Right to be counted: an exhibition of ‘scratch photography’ Partnerships, pathways and policies: Improving Indigenous education outcomes by Dr Jeannie Herbert
  • Review: Digger J. Jones: My diary by Richard J. Frankland (Scholastic Press, NSW, 2007) by Jeanie Bell
  • Book Review: Carpentaria by Alexis Wright (Giramondo, 2006) by David Coles Paper 1: Both-ways: the philosophy by Robyn Ober & Melodie Bat


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Sherlyne Ngalmi
Lyndell MacDonald
Ada Lechleitner
Loretta Johnson
Helena Wauchope
Melodie Bat
Leeanne Mahaffey
Ailsa Purdon
Dr Jeannie Herbert


Boliny Wanambi

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Maree Klesch

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Russell Hanna


Maree Klesch
Prue King
Melodie Bat
Leeanne Mahaffey
Alison Reedy
Kathryn Brewer
Eleanor Hogan
Ailsa Purdon
Jeanie Bell
Graeme Cheater

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Lon Garrick

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Thursday, November 15, 2007