Ngoonjook Edition 28

A journal of Australian Indigenous Issues
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Ngoonjook seeks to make relevant material available to an Indigenous readership and to all those interested in Indigenous Australian issues. Themes explored include: education, health, cultural identity, natural and cultural resource management, the arts and linguistics.

Articles in this issue:

  • Where to from here? A reflection by Kamarra Bell-Wykes
  • Talking about Celia by Jeanie Bell (interview with Karen Manton) Green Bush by Liz Willis
  • Making whites obsolete (and other stories from the making of Green Bush) by Warwick Thornton (interview with Lisa Stefanoff)
  • Theatre review: Page 8 by Karen Manton
  • Creation mother, creative arts and health: a review of the Yingarna project by John Barber and Karen Manton
  • Book review: Twined Together by Ann McMahon


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Kamarra Bell-Wykes
Jeanie Bell
Liz Willis
Warwick Thornton
Karen Manton
John Barber
Ann McMahon


Mary-Anne Michaels

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Maree Klesch

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Vanessa Boxshall


Karen Manton
Maree Klesch
Prue King
Dr Sonia Tidemann
Tom Ober

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Joanne Wood

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Monday, April 24, 2006