Ngoonjook Edition 17

A journal of Australian Indigenous Issues
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Ngoonjook seeks to make relevant material available to an Indigenous readership and to all those interested in Indigenous Australian issues. Themes explored include: education, health, cultural identity, natural and cultural resource management, the arts and linguistics.

Articles in this issue:

  • What’s Happening Over there in that Demountable? by Nique Murch
  • Sophia Baliva
    • St Mary’s Children’s Home
    • Five Years old at St Mary’s Children’s Home
  • Irene Grace Talbot
    • Purple
    • Cove
    • Mulberry
    • Poem
    • Memories of My Mother and Father
    • Laundry
    • Erldunda
    • Epilepsy
    • Medium Blue
    • Inland Sea
    • Laurie
  • Patricia Ansell
    • St Mary’s
    • Stolen Children
    • Mothers’ Story
  • Kerry Anne Nakamarra Tilmouth
    • Untitled
    • I Love My Baby Brother
    • Whiteman
    • Talking Love
    • The Dragon Fly (a story-song for children)
    • Octopus
  • Norah Nelson Napaljarri
    • My Father
  • Edward (Ted) Hampton
    • A Whip, a Knife and an Old Brown Bag
    • Untitled
    • Yellow, Green and Brown
    • Maroon
    • From the Eyes of a Tree
    • Squashed
    • Janmabhumi
    • Hunting the Dugong
  • Ronda Ross
    • Smile Some Cry Some
    • Four excerpts from a work in progress
    • W Will Cast Away
    • Slim’s Dream: Synopsis
    • Monologue - Nana Willows
  • Mitch
    • Anuff (Enough)
    • Dedicated to Nana
    • White Lace, White Silk
    • Shopping Day in Blues
    • To be Born is to be Political
    • Gate Left Open - a film treatment
    • Coming Back
    • Reflections on the Course
  • Reflection on the Teaching Methodology Creative Writing Certificate 3 1999-2000
  • Methodology Playwriting / Storytelling Unit Creative Writing Certificate 3 1999-2000
  • Yukanti Jangka, Wiri Jarrija
  • Moonlight on the Desert Wind
  • The History of the NT Indigenous Creative Writing Course
  • With Thanks


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Nique Murch
Sophia Baliva
Irene Grace Talbot
Patricia Ansell
Kerry Anne Nakamarra Tilmouth
Norah Nelson Napaljarri
Edward (Ted) Hampton
Ronda Ross


Irene Talbot
Ted Hampton
Ronda Ross

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Russell Hanna


Rob McCormack
Pat Beattie
Geri Pancini
Ron Watt
Sonia Tidemann
Terry Whitebeach
Anthony Pilkington
Marg Bowman
Nique Murch


Jesy James Carr
Metta Young

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Thursday, July 13, 2000