Ku Kukpi

The black-headed python
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Ku Kukpi - The black-headed python tells the story of a young python who travels around the country playing with his boomerang.

As he travels through the country he gives many places their names. The young python eventually transforms at his final resting place da Itchitka.

The book is a bilingual title in Murrinhpatha & English. There is an accompanying Murrinhpatha audio CD.

The story is also available as a talking book in DVD format. Book and audio CD not sold separately.


978 1 74131 071 9
Print Format

Page Count: 



Kampawerr Patricia Karul

Project Manager: 

Maree Klesch
Mark Crocombe

Desktop Publisher: 

Karl Brand


Maree Klesch


Pinpirrith Majella Chula
Ngagara Marita Chula
Thinginngin Marcia Kirrinhpu


Maree Klesch
Mark Crocombe

Original artists

Audio Artist: 

Rob Lewis

Colour Format: 

Full Colour

Binding Type: 

Saddle Stapled
Dimensions: 210 mm × 210 mm × 3 mm
Weight: 160 g
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Date Published: 

Friday, March 7, 2008