Anengkerr angkety

Dreaming stories
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A collection of Anengkerr or Dreaming stories told in the Anmatyerr language by Jack Cook Ngal, with artwork by 10 Anmatyerr language students. An English translation is provided. The stories cover a range of themes from growing up and facing monsters, to the dire consequences for all in stories of betrayal, violence and revenge. Accompanied by CD.


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Jack Cook Ngal
Jenny Green


Rowena Larry Ngwarray
Veronica Tilmouth Kemarr
Lisa Cook Mptetyan
Caroline Stafford Pwerrerl
Rosina Stafford Pwerrerl
David McCormack Penangk
Lorette Abbott Ngal
Amarantha McMillan Pwerrerl
Susie Stafford Pwerrerl
Sean Quinn Penangk


Jenny Green

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Full Colour

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Perfect Bound
Dimensions: 240 mm × 210 mm × 4 mm
Weight: 639 g

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Thursday, March 15, 2007